Homeschool Journals

Darned Pinterest, Facebook and other blog sites that tempt me to change up how I homeschool. Let’s admit it! We all try not to do it. comparison-trap

This year I decided to scrap the planner (even though I purchased it, just in case, you know). I gave up the last few years of printed spreadsheets for each of the kids, kept and shoved in a binder the best I could keep track. I used them in pretense I would know individual progress. NOT! Stepped on, dog eared, dog eaten, lost, and or otherwise destroyed in the war with the homeschool bucket. You know the one purchased at the beginning of the school year “to stay organized” or “to keep everything in one place”.

I turned ALL that in this year for a … wait for it…


Yep! That’s it! A spiral notebook! Ten cents! Because you know, my mom works at the Wally World. (BTW: I never shop during back-to-school days)

I recently read an article … don’t remember where… see earlier statement – darned Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter. Weapons of mass distraction, but I digress.

Women all over Organized women Desperate Women are turning to bullet journals. Articles, how-to’s and “My versions” everywhere!!! HOURS later, I dragged out ye ol’ spiral and just BEGAN!

Every day I write their lessons plans. As a matter of fact, YES, at first it sounds ineffective, no goal oriented, and overall a cop out! NOPE!

Guess what I get out of this deal? I track attendance days without counting and keeping track of ONE MORE SPREADSHEET! I get to slow down, speed up, question productivity, question understanding. I get to track History, Reading, Science, Vocabulary, Math, Timelines, Map Skills, Science, Grammar (they have to write answers right in the book – ALL ONE PAGE (or two). I get a clearer understanding DAILY where my kids are. (and practice writing sentences with dangling participles) I (they) get a transcript at the end of the year, not a scramble, not a week long gathering, no anxiety, no hair pulling.

Guess what the kids get out of this deal? No more lost spreadsheets, one stop shopping lesson plans, less mess in their said buckets, more time with mom to discuss lesson plans, history and the difference in the executive branches.

Guess what the family gets out of this deal? Healthy mommy. Less frustrated mommy. Less mess on the table, floor, in the rooms, in the office. Smaller year end audit bucket.

When and if we decide for the Z’s where each of them, how each of them will DO highschool, I feel I am better prepared this year, more than any other.

Note to parents of OCD/control freak/project oriented children: check boxes, if not properly administered, may be required for checking, filling in or otherwise mass havoc wreaking will ensue. Note to annoying parents like myself: mess with their head and instead of pretty square boxes draw Christmas trees during December… just to mess with their heads spread a little Christmas joy.

Happy Journaling.



Exploring Food Themes

I choose.

I choose not to disclose the number attached to my weight loss.

I  choose now to say:


“I’m at my fighting weight.”

I choose.

I choose not to worship the number on my new jeans.

I choose now to say:


“These are really comfortable.”

I choose.

I choose to be humble  when people who haven’t seen me in some time say “You look good”.

I choose now to say:


I chose,  March 4th, to begin a journey. My journey. Doctor appointments, counseling, medical tests, many hours of crying over the foods I could not eat, bearing witness these wonderful tasting delicacies were very well killing me. Adrenal loss, hormone loss, stress levels slowing killing me.  I chose a new way of life.

Food was not the only formidable however.

I chose.


Through the lessons in what I could and could not eat, I learned to prepare new foods, new combinations of foods, and change my thinking about food. Born in the south, food is comfort. Meetings, church functions, weddings, funerals, babies born. All centered around food. If I were to survive, I had to choose. What was good for me, what was not.


The deeper lesson, however, came to me during my quiet time. I had made those physical strides. I was learning the emotional ones. I could apply those lessons of what I can and cannot eat, food that makes me sick, however enticing, however sweet, however savory to the stress that was in my life.


Mainly the people I allowed to make me sick.



Looks good. Tastes sweet.


Company seems fun. It’s sweet to fellowship.

I had not chosen wisely, though. My extroverted self. Assuming all was well.

Healthy people know how to do this. I did not.

I choose, am choosing.

Just like my food.


Sadness, a haiku

Dines at my tabletablesetting-12

Set beautifully with fear

Borrowing trouble.


Not operating

Only longing for relief

Disinclined to live.


Appetizers launch

Plates filled with disparate, yet

Many a desire.


Banquet brimming with

Craving, longing, yearning, too

First course: “Not my way”.


Second course for sup

Loathing, fury, and rage

Chowing down on hate.


Hurt infused dessert

Loathing, a cherry on top

Season of distaste.


Sneaky evening snack

Fosters lack of sleep and health

Devouring hope.


Folded cloth napkins

To wipe away brimming stains

From sad dripping lips.


A Porter of pride

Customary occasion

Melancholy meal.



Rest Area

There’s a thing about resting. Normal tasks are out of the question. Vacuuming. Flipping the dishwasher  closed with a backward kick.


adj  conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected.

noun the usual, average, or typical state or condition.
Resting – NOT NORMAL! Which reminds me, that my normal 9 months ago was not running. My normal 9 months ago was multiple carafes of coffee to just manage. My normal 9 months ago was a nap in the afternoon. My normal 9 months ago was still a little crazy, a little splintered, a lot of depression, no adrenals working, no hormones balanced.
My NEW normal: running, breathing, planning, acting, not reacting, whole foods, no grains, more protein, more God, less fear, more clarity, less voices in my head, less fat, more muscle, more NO, less yes to everything.
Not necessarily in that order.
So, now I’m resting on the road. That’s okay, because the important tasks and people (a.k.a. family) are already front and center. Because I’m on the road.
I’m encouraged because I have momentum. I’m encouraged because I can encourage myself. Humbly, not prideful. Honestly giving this daughter of the King grace… to rest… in Him… on the road.

On The Road, Part 2

Compacted dirt. Loose dirt. On the road.The country road.

What would a road trip be without a rest stop? A drink. A relief. A stretch.

index Sometimes there’s a sign. Sometimes you may have even paid attention to how far to the next rest area. 2 miles ahead. 100 miles.

Then there are other times when God says “Nope!” “Right here, right NOW!”

And you stop. Because HE said so.

Anything different would just be… well.. stupid.


This road, my road, has hit an ordered rest stop. I have journeyed far… on the road. Sometimes the road is bumpy. Others not.

Rest doesn’t mean stop. It means refreshing, reprieve, replenishing. Active verbs. In rest. On the road.

Rest your feet. Rest your soul. Rest from your burdens. Rest in Him… on the road.

On The Road

I truly have a room with a view. Deer, pine trees, my garden. Not everyone gets to wake up in the country. On a country road. 20160907_181859

Some mornings it’s me, God and the cows. On the road. 20160901_082559Sometimes we have quiet moments when I just listen for His voice. Sometimes I hear…silence. Sometimes He speaks to me by revealing Himself in nature.


Then, other times, I reveal my nature… the one He already knows. I scream. I cry. I laugh. I run. Figuratively. Literally. I run. On the road. The County Road. The Road to Recovery.

On The Road.

B is for Plan B

When A is for Adrenal Fatigue, most of the time B is for Plan B.B

Plan B. A Noachian new beginning. After the flood … of tears.

Plan B. Because I thought I could just go get the problem fixed.

No Plan B. No inoculation. No Band-Aid. No surgery.

Not even direct medical advice. Plan B means a eulogy to old thoughts, over thoughts. Half baked. Resonating. Meditating. Over thoughts.

Plan B sometimes means just doing things differently. The grammar word most used can be, needs to be and will have to be: NO. No, because you need a nap. No, because you are so tired your brain doesn’t rest from the what-if.

So, what is this beast, Adrenal? A monster that overacts. A monster that under-acts. Crucial, necessary evil. Adrenal glands are responsible for many functions, including controlling the body’s fight-or-flight responses, hormones, and control parts of human development. Additional hormones from the adrenal glands function in metabolism, blood pressure regulation, and many other normal functions in several different organ systems. In other words, it affects A LOT!

What makes this versatile gland go haywire? Crisis. Stress. Lack of sleep. Chronic infections. This gland gives us extra surges of getty-up-and-go! After many withdrawals from this bank of energy, the depository is bankrupt. Kaput!