Day 12 – View from your window

I’ve joined Niki Nowell, a dear, beautiful friend and author over at It’s already day 12 and as Flylady says, “just jump in where you are, you aren’t behind”. Well, I can hear you snickering, and yes I can BE a behind.

Today’s photo comes right from the the County Road. This is the view from my kitchen window. It was taken earlier when we first moved in, but when I started this blog post this morning, it looked much the same. However, considering we live in the szizophrenic weather state of Colorado, it is snowing and making a liar out of me.

This is where I get to spend my daydreaming time. This is where I start my morning pot (not cup) of coffee. This is also where the deer jump the fence and partake of my still green grass. This is also where poor Shadow jumped the fence to chase said evil deer and broke his ankle just two months after we moved in. Bittersweet view.

Kitchen window view


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