Welcome to the the County Road Chronicles! This is the story of a city girl who moved to the country and is discovering life so different from the boxed housing mentality. What you will find here are funny stories of coming of age, painful reminders of where we do and don’t live, scattered with DIY fun (or disasters), recipes, homeschool helps (or antics) and maybe an actual character training lesson (not just for the children but mostly my own). Although I am an editor for a small publishing company, the stories here do not reflect the attitudes or theology of said company. The messages you receive from me, Tracy, here at CRC are real, ridiculous and transparent (and sometimes really ridiculous).

Please keep in mind, I am a born again, saved by grace, Christian, who often falls, fails, and figures things out the hard way. I’m a recovering knee jerk-aholic. So, if you are looking for a sermon, you might want to jump over to someone else’s blog. If you are looking for mercy, I’m going to tell you ahead of time, it’s NOT my gift. I’m known for telling the truth (often not in love, though I’m learning) If you comment on my blog, please keep in mind sarcasm has gotten me this far, why stop now.

Caveat number 2: The woman at the well has nothing on me. I am one of those Christians that came to know the Lord late in life. And without excuse, I will not hesitate to tell you that sometimes life sucks. Sometimes people, friends and yes, family will treat you like crap. I have skeletons in the closet. One might say I have a whole cemetery, but that’s a topic for a future blog. “Keeping it real” and “It is what it is” have been my latest motto. I’m hoping for a new one in 2014.

Speaking of years, 2013 was a real heart breaker for our little family. I’ll be sharing some of those struggles here, too. More how-to’s and how-not-to’s. If you learn anything from me except how not to do something, then GREAT! I don’t get the parenting of the year award, but I do have some tricks up my sleeve. I’ve had two children who I can honestly say I probably failed to fill their love tanks, failed to teach them the best way to leave the nest. And yet, my quiver (at home) headcount is three and those three are showing signs of turning out just fine. Again, if you are looking for Super Parent, try hopping over to Focus on the Family or Family Life Today or other such organizations who have wonderful resources, intellect and more experience in the “right” way.


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