Day 25 – Handwriting

I knew as soon as I saw the title for today’s challenge what was going up on the blog.

When we bought the County Road Ranch, we bought it from a sweet Christian man who had just lost his wife. We all went to check out the house the first time, including the ranch hound. We were all sold for different reasons.

The house was built in the 70’s and has stature and structure, but it’s simple. Roomy enough for all. Two treed acres was enough to settle it for the kids and the dog. The expansive family room was filled with taxidermy, hunting days gone by. A basketball court was to provide for the homeschool PE days.

Days and weeks went by after moving in, essential furniture placement, window coverings and a lot of being distracted by the fresh air. Then it came time for the special touches. I placed my grandfather’s desk in a wonderful little corner of the family room, added a light, stacked a few books. Unknowingly, one day while dreaming of the book I would one day write, there this little image came up. It is an impression of a tiny hand in the plaster on the wall. I committed to God that day, that I would honor Him and the precious little handwriting on the wall to start and finish that book.Image


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