A to Z Challenge – B – Book Review

B Bird_by_bird
“Bird by Bird : Some instructions on Writing and Life” by Anne Lamott .

One of the writer’s groups I attend recently reviewed “Bird by Bird”. I was new to the group, had never read the book, so I didn’t attend. Greenhorn! This book is not for the faint of heart or the holier than thou. It’s deep, it’s dark, it will make you laugh and it will make you nod your head because everyone has THAT uncle/father/neighbor. This book’s intent is to teach the reader to write. This book’s intent is to teach the reader to hope in a story. Just like a famous footwear swoosh, Anne tells the reader to just write, even the sh…. stuff. Yep, that’s my warning. There’s quite a bit of language. But, if you can get past a few sailor-esk words, Anne’s story about writing is more than just writing.

I have not personally read any of her other books. I do not know of her faith of which she writes in her other books. I cannot attest to her religion. What I can attest to and what does resonate is her ability to get to the real, the ugly and sometimes the real, ugly heart of the matter in one long run on sentence memory.
I would recommend this book to writers, almost writers and non-writers. Don’t check this book out at the library. Buy it. You’ll want to use your pen, highlighters and for heaven’s sake, you might even dog-ear a page or 12. Don’t do that in my house though. We are holier than that.

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