A to Z Challenge ~ D


Did I remember I wasn’t going to be in town during a part of the blogging challenge? NO. Ergo, late post.

Did I have a wonderful time away? Absolutely!

Did I have preconceived notions about the topic, hospitality? Yes. In fact, I had worked myself up to being hit over the head by some wonderfully talented, clean house, soft-spoken angelic, demure character who has read the Bible from cover to cover and adorns her table with her hand tatted doilies.

Did the week leading up to he retreat make it easy to say bu-by? I plead the fifth.

Disarmed, I was, by a woman who I am sure has a red phone to the Almighty. Hospitality, she teaches, isn’t having the neighbours over for dinner. Neither is it entertaining others after you’ve cleaned the house within an inch of its life and threatened the children accordingly. Hospitality is bringing out the best in others. I didn’t learn how to decorate on dime. I didn’t learn how to pick out fine china, lay out matching guest towels or how to cook Chicken Cacciatore. I learned that hospitality is learning and knowing the One who said “I am your portion” and living that out in the lives of those in our circle.

Do you know you are co heirs with Christ? That’s old money friends. Ancient!

Did you notice someone who lived today? Did you tell them God loves them? Did you tell them that IF IT WERE ONLY THEM, HE WOULD HAVE COME!



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