A to Z Challenge ~ E


Exhale Elizabeth

2013 Goodbye. You are long gone. Good riddance. I remember years ago when some article/study came out with the heart attack risk factors. A death, a move, a job change were amongst the big hitters.

Exhale Elizabeth

I think the Sockriters probably hit most of them. Construction in the house, our oldest had been in jail, then out.  Then our precious, oldest, first family dog, Talus, had to be put down. Then, the unheard of happened. My dear husband’s father passed away. A tragedy in itself, but my husband was the one to find him. During this time, I was deciding to remove myself from ministry. Then we were in another whirlwind. Our oldest daughter was in a rollover accident sustaining many, many injuries, three surgeries and one month in the hospital. She then came to stay with us, with frequent visits with the grand kids, frequent doctor appointments in downtown Denver. After almost a month, gone. On her own, living in a declining spiral of self destruction.

Exhale Elizabeth

As a result of all the reconstruction of the house (new carpet, new bathroom, new soffit, new paint, new counter tops) and moving half of our life being moved into and compacted to a 10 x 20 storage unit, we put out the for sale sign.  15 years, teenagers, babies, grand babies, youth group, Bible studies, drop in friends, tears, laughs, bike rides and boo boos. Goodbye.

Exhale Elizabeth

Did I mention we had already starting homeschooling? Own a German Shepard? We found some interesting ways to spend our days during showings. Parks, museums, coffee shops. We were on the butt end of the real estate boom, beginning of fall, start of school season for others looking for housing. 26 showings. 77 days of immaculate living, breathing, eating, schooling.

Exhale Elizabeth

And yet, through it all, all the crazy, all the stress, God chose a perfect house, God had a perfect plan. God is perfect. To the jot and tittle. Thus began his orchestration of the move to Elizabeth. We had a desire. And God fulfilled that desire. We asked for solace. We asked for peace. We asked for simple.

Exhale Elizabeth

While we still attend church in Castle Rock, go to gymnastics in Castle Rock, shop and eat in Castle Rock, left many dear friends in Castle Rock, there is relief when driving and seeing the “Welcome to Elizabeth” sign. Like God said “Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest” in Elizabeth.

Exhale Elizabeth

We’ve faced some adjustments. Travel time, below 0 temps,  heating with firewood, mud, deer, beetle kill trees, snow. We’ve had some snarky comments like “Well, I didn’t move to Elizabeth”, “you smell (like smoke, fire, marshmallows)”  Really,!?!?! Elizabeth didn’t solve all our problems, in fact, may have created some new ones. What we have learned:

  • To be intentional with our time
  • Family is most important
  • German Shepards can become afraid of deer in the right situation (broken ankle)
  • The sound of the wind through the trees is quite indescribable
  • Chopping wood is really therapeutic
  • Electric heat is really $$$
  • Corrugated cardboard boxes can become the enemy
  • New surroundings can give a weary soul respite, refreshment
  • Most importantly, GOD IS IN CONTROL

Exhale Elizabeth



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