A to Z Challenge ~ K


I searched for something to write about that started with K. Unless my audience wanted my recipe for smoothies with kale, then it was going to be a very boring blog day.


But, I do have this wonderful cousin named Kim. She has a birthday this week. I won’t say how young she is. She’s beautiful inside and out. She loves God. She loves life. She’s a Merck. Which also makes her crazy, funny, impulsive at times, snarky, and smart. You know how George Foreman named all his kids George? Well, you can pretty much assign the adjective sarcastic to any Merck and you would be okay.


I have to admit she was a lot closer to my older brother growing up because they were the same age. I looked up to her. While visiting our grandparents one summer, I wanted to be like her, dress like her. I tried on the button down collar with rolled up sleeves style and learned to listen to Queen’s “We Will Rock You” even though I was a BeeGee’s kind of girl.


Much to the chagrin of my uncle, she’s moved to California, so she joins me in being one of the very few cousins that have left the south. Left our southern roots. Oh, I still eat fried okra and she may too, I don’t know. But, we’ll always be Mercks.


Today, I wish her a blessed birthday (for Wednesday). I pray God has her right where He wants her. I pray blessings on her new life in California. I pray strength and peace in her marriage. I pray she always clings to the knowledge that she is a daughter of the King.


So, here’s to Kim. Raise a nice glass of wine, (she’s in California now, she knows how to tell). I love you cousin, friend, sister in Christ.





One thought on “A to Z Challenge ~ K

  1. I love you!!! Great, I need to write 2 blogs today and now you have made me cry with joyous tears. I’m humbled and so blessed to have you in my life. The best thing is – is that we are blood albeit very sarcastic! We – my dear, are smart, independent and warriors for our heavenly Father. In Him, is our strength, our peace and our hope. It may be a struggle whilst in this skin we bear on this side of eternity but we are already victorious!

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