A to Z Challenge ~ T (THE END)


THE END! So, you want to be a author? Part 2

Another highlight of Saturday morning’s meeting was the all mighty dollar, start-up cost from beginning to (almost) THE END. Holy Debit Card Batman! One thing an author should remember, even if you are self publishing, you still have to go through the same steps as traditional publishing. Not convinced? Here are some of your “start-up” costs:

  • Developmental editing

  • Copy editing

  • Proof reading

  • Layout & Design

  • Cover Design

  • Print and/or Efile conversion

  • Manufacturing – final print

  • Indexing (non-fiction)

Is your bank account empty yet. Here are more decisions to make:

  • Ebook or Print

  • Hard cover, paperback or spine

  • Glossy or matte

  • Color or black & white

Barring a winning lottery ticket, a rich uncle or some shady unmentionable activity in the cover of darkness, there’s good news to those whose net worth continues to be held in gymnastics lessons, orthodontic slavery and ever growing boys’ size 13 hiking boots. Crowdfunding!

Forbes.com writes “There are 2 main models or types of crowdfunding. The first is what’s called donation-based funding…The second and more recent model is investment crowdfunding…”. That’s correct writing friends, grandma can help fund your book. Pubslush.com is a crowdfunding company specifically for publishing your book. A global company, for every book sold Pubslush will donate a book to a child in need to combat illiteracy. Bonus!

There are other crowdfunding companies such as GoFundMe, Kickstarter, and Indiegogo, to name a few. You may have received a notice from your local youth group student who needs $$ to go on a mission trip from GoFundMe. Kickstarter funds many creative projects from music to art, to design and technology. Along with creative projects, Indiegogo also will help you start a campaign. Need to raise funds for a beneficiary, sponsor a 501(C), or fund a documentary, then Indiegogo is your tool.

This list is not comprehensive list. Please do your own research. Check out the websites.

If you’re not scared off by now, if your book is still calling out to be written and read, write it. For your book to be read, it needs to be sold. And for your book to be sold, for you to actually make money instead of being your own not-for-profit, then you’ll need to market yourself and your book. (Not necessarily in that order. Wanna know what I learned yesterday? Yes, guessed it. Stayed tuned tomorrow for Part 3 of “So you want to be an author”. Twitter, facebook, audience, RSS, followers and trending – OH MY!







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