A to Z Challenge ~ U (Ubiquitous)


Ubiquitous – So you want to be an author Part 3

(More of an essay instead of blog. I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself. But, it’s my blog.)

Thank you for sticking with me through my “Blog-a-CIPA-meeting” treatise. Although ubiquitous computing sounds like an archaic term, you know, way back in the 90’s, the paradigm is still relevant. Computing, communicating everywhere, anywhere, anyhow.

In 2014 we are an exchanging information, thesis writing, self diagnosing, narcissistic generation distraught with the pursuit of sharing experiences, raining torrents of criticism , and provoking assault on all that is within and outside of our scope of professionalism and morality as if elevating ourselves to today’s version of the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manuel (DSM) or just playing God. Then there are some of us who just dabble on the internet to welcome babies, share our gardens or our latest DIY craft.

Whatever euphoria or dysphoria (please get help, this is the wrong page for you) we get from behind our bullet proof laptops and electronic devices, our correspondence has changed. In fact, generations who have etiquette expectations are dumbfounded by the lack of manners, self-control and just plain lack of common sense.

Beyond sharing selfies and arm-chair politicizing, there is a need and a must-do as authors to promote and market ourselves, our books (not necessarily in that order). As I mentioned in part 1, even when an author is self-publishing, he or she needs to do all the steps: editing, layout, printing, etc. The same holds true with marketing a book.

Whether you hire professional, nag your brother-in-law with two engineering degrees from MIT or the 16-year-old neighbor kid who can whip out texts like bullets from an AK-47, getting known is key. AS many descendants as is promised to Abraham, there are as many opinions for getting known. So, hit the internet. Facebook, Twitter, Email, Blogspot, megapixel OH MY!

If you are, as I was, a greenhorn, start with a blog. What makes you different? What is your passion? What do you have to say that is important and needs to be said? There are many free blog sites out there. WordPress, Blogspot. What I find fascinating is the diversity within the blogging community. Try entering a blog challenge such as A-to-Z Blog Challenge where everyday, except Sunday is represented by a letter of the alphabet. Or WordPress‘ Post-a-day challenge. Ask your friends to read and they will tell two friends and they will tell two friends. (Showing my age here) One author at CIPA told me she wrote articles for years and finally combined the best of the best into a book about writing. One other idea is a process called chunk-it. This is where you take pieces of a book and upload it to your blog. This can be used in fiction as well as non-fiction writing.

Blogging sound too intimidating? Start a Facebook page. Write a blurb about the bulbs you planted in the garden. Then join other folks in Facebook groups who share your love for tulips. Here you will find encouragement, how-to’s, some of the most wonderful pictures. Just write. Now be forewarned: those of you who are addicted to the internet and can’t get out! Facebook can be a WMD to your writing process.

There is an abundance of things covered at CIPA meetings and the things said here on this blog aren’t necessarily the opinions of CIPA, some are leaps from topics covered and my wandering mind took over. Cough, cough Adult ADHD. Author friends, do your research. Seek out the professionals.

And just write!


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