A to Z Challenge ~ W (Winter)


Winter isn’t over until…

(A little reprieve from the writing world)


Well, it’s Colorado. Winter isn’t over until you have put away the winter clothes and it snows again. (Today). Winter isn’t over until you get spring fever at the garden center and purchase the cutest pansies ever. HA! Wasn’t fooled! It’s not my first winter here. Although, It is our first spring in Elizabeth. We were the only car in the church parking lot in Castle Rock (22 miles away) with snow on the hood.


Winter! It’s April you say! Don’t you remember April 2003? I do. I was pregnant with twins, daughter #2 was in Phoenix for spring break and was almost stuck there. The blizzard of 2003, with a mere 31.8 inches, was second only to the 1913 blizzard with 45.7 inches, but that was December. December, when it’s supposed to snow. 45 inches! 3 and ¾ feet! 114 centimeters! Generally, the height of a healthy 4 or 5 year old. “Hey honey, I lost the yard stick in the snow, can you send little Johnny outside to measure the snow?” “Honey, where’s the dog?”


Winter! Isn’t over until fat sunshine sings and we start complaining about the moths and the mosquitoes and the cost of going to Elitche’s and the Rockies’ batting. Bare feet, tank tops, that’s in Colorado all the time.


Winter! I’m ready to break up with you!


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