Book Review: Becoming an Authorpreneur

Becoming an Authorpreneur by Kris Tualla


A friend, who attended a Pikes Peak Writer’s Conference where Kris Tualla was speaking, loaned this little nugget for me to read. When I say “little nugget”, it in no way implies small in nature or insignificance.

Tualla, who brand is “Norway is the new Scotland”, is a historical, romance author, speaker and teacher. Coining the term Authorpreneur, she writes a concise, easy to read, information packed publishing how-to. This two part book covers the basic decisions an author has to make whether self publishing, indie or New York. All the questions are the same: how much $$ and what is the return on investment (my words). Trending words like branding and social media for marketing are covered. (What did we call branding before 2014? We didn’t. We whistled the tune, we trusted the librarian, we read what everyone else was reading.)

An excellent, quick read for this greenhorn, yet, I believe weighty enough for all authors, published or not.



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