Fall 2014

It’s not quite officially fall, but with cooler nights, much rain and school starting, I’m calling it! After all, I’ve already made homemade Ginger Scented Butternut Squash soup. 2014-08-28_18-31-51_489

It was May since my last post. That’s just WRONG! Well, we had a mostly relaxing summer in contrast to last year for those of you who know the Sockriters.

After attending South Denver’s ACFW meeting last night with speaker Jeff Gerke speaking on Three Act Structure, I’m psyched to reboot my writing: the book, the blog. If you would like a scoop on the book, just ask. I’m writing a narrative non-fiction book similar to Francine Rivers’ Lineage of Grace series. (Although, I don’t claim to be the professional that Mrs. Rivers is) I am also blessed to be in cahoots with dear friend Chris Richards in building a new group called WAY Words and Youth, a place where young writers can find information and share their writing journeys. The first Teen Writer’s Conference is scheduled for October 11th. Check out the updates on the website.

As we move into the groove of homeschooling this year, we’ll be reading.. ALOT.. of historical fiction. The Scientist is in World History part 2 which covers early church history. I’m very excited to fill in gaps of my historical gaps of education. The Writer is in her Eastern Hemisphere year. Also a very interesting time period that seems to be missing in my own education (Do you see a pattern building here in my JeffCO ed?) The gymnast is studying American History. We’re taking a little different approach with this young man, as we have had to switch curriculum to adjust to his learning style. Today’s blog isn’t about homeschool, but I mention these things to say I’m going to be reviewing all of their read aloud books right here on the blog. I’ll be linking those to Goodreads for those of you interested. Hop on over and friend me.

So, to keep me accountable, here’s my blogging schedule:

Writing – Tuesdays

County Road Fun – Thursdays (often ending up looking like a City Girl turned Country Girl’s version of Jeff Foxworthy)

Misc – Saturdays

Now hopefully I can keep up with that. I would love some blogging buddies and if you are interested in guest blogging, drop me an email.



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