Happy Home-iversary

One year on the County Road!

One year on the County Road!

Does anyone remember this little song? 🙂

The Sockriter’s have been in Elizabeth one year now. As we celebrate with thanksgiving today with dinner at the actual dining room table, play basketball (one of the selling points of the house) as a family and remember the journey that brought us here, we’re thankful for the friends who haven’t abandoned us because we’re “so far away”, we’re thankful for the new friends we are making and first and foremost thankful for God’s leading us to Elizabeth even though this area wasn’t on our prospective list of places to live.

A lot has changed in our lives. We’ve learned lessons, hard ones, about saying no, about being intentional and doing what’s best for the emotional, spiritual and financial health of our family.

To celebrate, all participated in Family Day anniversary dinner, from planning, to grocery shopping, to cooking, to cleaning.
family anniversary dinner3

Ham, Sweet rolls and seet potatoes

Ham, Sweet rolls and sweet potatoes

I don’t know what journey is still to come. I do appreciate all (haha) my readers here on the County Road Chronicles. So, stay tuned to this city girl’s exploring life in the country. Sit back and join me in a cup (or pot) of coffee. Try out some recipes. Laugh a bit. God Bless!



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