Lineage of Grace

Scarlet Thread

Scarlet Thread

As a part of research, I’ve been rereading Francine Rivers’ “Lineage of Grace” series. Stayed up until 1:30 am last night (morning) with “Bathsheba”. Oh my! What these women endured! Did they know the threads they were weaving in the tapestry our faith’s history? They did not want others, their family, to know their shame. Yet, God and His appointed authors saw to it that their story is told in His Word. He used imperfect people, even imperfect women to bring about His plan, His Son, His revealing of Love and Grace and Sacrifice and Redemption and The Way,

I am an imperfect person, an imperfect woman, an imperfect Christian, an imperfect wife and an imperfect mother, servant and friend. I have sinned against God, against man. Yet, I pray God gives me the strength, His strength and His faith, to endure as these women who were used of God, women who would seek His face in the struggle and seemingly burden of their life, their calling.

Women, who came to God in their unique way. Bathsheba seeking solace from her shame, surrounded by David’s many wives and concubines, by raising her sons, David’s sons, in the admonition of the Lord.

“Likewise, was not Rahab the harlot also justified by works when she received the messengers and sent them out another way” James 2:25 Life confirming mention in the geneology of Christ in the Gospel of Matthew.

Mrs. Rivers ends “Unspoken: Bathsheba” with these words.

I know they will remember my sins, Lord, but when they look upon my life, let them see what You did for an unworthy woman. Let them see the hope born from despair. If they must recount my sins, let them count our blessings more so. You protected me. You raised me up. You gave me sons. Let my name be unspoken, Lord, for what am I that anyone should remember me? But, oh, Lord God of Israel, if they do remember me, let them open their mouths and sing praises for your great mercy toward me. Let them see Your infinite grace and Your boundless love. And them..She sighed deeply. …be encouraged.


I sigh.

I am encouraged.

I am saved.

I am redeemed.


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