Write to Right to Rite

I’m posting my 2015 writing goals a few days late, 5 days to be exact. I’m going to be part of the revolution of resolution making this year by not setting some unrealistic 12 page treatise of unattainable goals of weight loss, personal journey or financial gain. Instead, this year I’ve chosen one word for my personal life and a short sentence for my business and writing life.

Write to Right to Rite

My personal writing goal. Alliteration of sorts. I am to write more, write more of how my life was right-ed and make it a rite. When I reflect on how far God has brought me, out of the chains of hell, I am assured of staying humble. When I think this way, write this way, it is less about me and ALL about Him!

I was introduced to a new word this weekend: kintsugi. It’s the use of gold dust and resin or lacquer to attach broken pieces with minimal overlap or fill-in from missing pieces. A broken plate, a tea cup, some sort of vessel becomes even more important and precious after it has been repaired. It highlights or emphasizes imperfections and deems it art and beautiful and uncommon and unique and a treasure. All these things I feel God has done in my own life, not for my edification, but His.



A good novel tells us the truth about its hero; but a bad novel tells us the truth about its author.

Gilbert K. Chesterton

I am not a hero. I’ve told many I have no super cape. All heroes need super capes, you know. And this is not a novel, but a blog. So, this year, as I blog, you will find truth in and about the author. Me. Tracy. Wife. Mom. Daughter. Cousin. Friend. Teacher. Silly. Scared. Broken and beautiful. Daughter of the King. Unbalanced. Sarcastic. Truthful. Real. Forgiven. Creative. Fun. Obnoxious. Changed. Impossible. Determined. Scared. Anxious. Overthinking.

Had enough yet? It’s just January.

Oh, if you’re waiting for the one word personal goal. That’s the next post.


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