To improve my writing skills, I am ____________.

First, to improve my writing skills, I am challenging myself to write the simple. AKA – the country. Last summer at the ranch was one of “getting used to the country”. This summer I plan to tune up, tune in and turn up the volume of country living. There will be plenty to make fun of, plenty to learn: chickens, gardening, gathering wood, to name a few. Along those same lines, I will be photographing the country life a little more, a little better (with help from my knight in shining armor). As fun as this all sounds, I know it will take work, work and more work. It will take cooperation from the kiddos. In the meantime, we finish school, we study how to raise chickens (and possibly bees), we learn the soil of the land. Nose in the books, but keeping my eyes on Him, my eyes on them. The ones who will leave the ranch before I know it.

2015 WRiters Write Challenge←This would be my second. I am challenging myself in this very thing: be an explorer of my world. I will see things I haven’t seen before, or at least see them in a different way. I will journal, doodle and document. I will appreciate and dedicate myself to moments with eyes open. Eyes and heart aware. Mama eyes. Daughter of the King eyes. But, my eyes have to be up. Looking. What will I be drawn to? Their faces? The land?

To set goals, though, means setting realistic goals. It means setting achievable goals. Keep expectations real. Attainable, short term bursts is what I’m looking for, not unrealistic, long term, OMG goals. Perfectionism is not on the list. Grace is on the list. Self deprecation is not on the list. Healthy confidence is on the list. Comparing myself to others is not on the list. Humble self examination is on the list.


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