Beseeching the Braids and Blue Jean Jumper for Bohemian Laundry

One year and three months ago, city girl embarks on a journey for the simple life. She’s going to change the world, her world, her kids’ world. She’s left the city, she’s braided her hair and she might be sporting a denim skirt, maybe even a jumper. She’s going to do it all.

All the work that is!

There were chickens to hatch and gardens to plant. There was canning to jar.

Beep, BPep, beEp! We interrupt this regularly scheduled program dream to bring a dose of reality. There actually was cold, very cold weather. And there was every appliance breaking down. And there was the deer vs dog incident. Deer: 1, Dog 0. Emergency Vet: $$$, country checkbook – big fat hurt. Not priceless like the commercial says.

Fast forward, because country girls use that word. Time has slowed, as it should have. (See what I did there) Life has come to a happy medium of a rat race, highlighted by the fact that we still have six people in our family and we still homeschool three kids and we still do cook, clean and do laundry for six people. Six people the septic-tank-emptying-man not-so-politely told me should all go away during the day and let the tank rest after filling it up so unpleasantly after a year of use. [Yes, people of sordid opinions get their one cent (not worth two cents) in wherever they may squeak their unwanted, unsolicited advice about our lifestyle.]

<Insert attitud-ish, snarky, cynical, sounding AAANNNYYYWWWAAYYY>

Why do I bring this up, you ask? In effort to prevent the lovely, opinionated, pooper scooper from returning to the ranch to pontificate his own form of poo, I’ve decided to do what I can to alleviate the gentleman from returning too often. I’m going to embark on a toxic-less environment in my home. Oh, I use dye free, eco free. Now, I’m moving on toward my full baptism into the nuts and bark, patchouli wearing world of making my own laundry soap, dish soap and other things I might think will help the poop-master steep in someone else’s business. Cough, cough.

So, after whining to a friend these people who make their own soap must have won the lottery, they have their own personal maids/chefs/shoppers/childcare to have SO MUCH free time to make HOMEMADE soap and have come to the conclusion they are hold up in some basement somewhere taunting the perfectionist in all of us to feel guilty that we are all killing our children slowly and surely. Then I took a breath, did the math and realized this might just work!

So, because we live out in said country, I couldn’t find “washing powders”. So, my BFF Google told me I could bake Baking Soda for 30 minutes to change the chemical makeup into Washing Powder. (And since we’ve already done home school science today, I’m going to spare the chemical reaction speech)


Then, I shredded a bar of Fels Naptha (bar soap). Yes, it does look a little like cheddar cheese. Believe when I tell you, just take a whiff, IT’S NOT!

FelsNaptha Shredded Fels Naptha

After baking of the Baking Soda (now called Washing Soda), mixed with Borax and Nels spun down and  beat to death in the food processor: VIOLA! Laundry Soap. I added some lavender and lemon essential oils just to make it smell good. If you would like the recipe for this and other fun stuff, check out

Now I just have to lean how to use my new Bohemian soap.



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