Super Powers

I found in my Facebook feed this morning quite the anomaly. There were devotions from two different and what I deem respected people in the Christian community. What was there were two totally different approaches to young motherhood. Not that I’m young because I have grandchildren for goodness sake, but I still have kids at home.

One author was quick with a “suck it up buttercup” attitude of maybe you are just a whiner. At least that’s what I took away from the article. Maybe some mom, needed a good swift kick in the yoga pants this morning. I don’t know. She called out troubles “light afflictions” as Paul did and compared our life to his. Now, I’ve never been broken, jailed or persecuted to the point Paul had, for Christ’s sake, but as a young wife and mom have been abused by an ex husband to the point of concussions. As a mom of an anorexic, drug addict daughter my afflictions were by no means considered “light”.

The other author spoke to the restful times, more of a “if you’re too busy to breathe then maybe you are trying to please man not God” attitude. Yes, this is a self-inflicted sin I have suffered from, as do many moms.

Both bloggers came to almost the same conclusion: Instead of focusing on the outward difficulties, he turned his focus inward (his relationship with Christ) and upward (his anticipation of heaven). Yet, as with many bloggers, authors, people who want to be heard, it was the last sentences that takes what they said just a little too far, throw the reader into either guilt or shame. The author says while quoting scripture: “Yes, his body was tired, but his spirit was vibrant! … And that same attitude is how I as wife and mom can pull myself out of the “I’m-tired-and-I-quit” slump.”

I, not super mom of the year, have some funny and amazing super powers such as eyes in the back of my head, super powersuper lie detector radar, and a GPS that can locate a missing shoe in the blink of an eye. What I don’t have is the power to pull myself out of a slump. Prayer, quiet time, Bible time, and an encouraging word from a friend because I’ve reached out in my time of need and desperation: those are my super powers.

So, for all the legalistic “Biblical” viewpoints of young mothers who need just one more Monster drink to get through the day, have a seat in the comfy chair. Your worth is not in you schedule. In 18 years, those green boogered, loud, crazy aliens that live with you, they will be gone. You’ll wonder where the time went. When and how did they grow up so fast?

Choose your super powers wisely!


One thought on “Super Powers

  1. Well done, good and faithful servant. 🙂
    Even tho, I’m not a mom or play one on TV the words are relevant for also the childless or ‘spiritual’ mothers. I have to realize that God gives us what we can handle and prepares our paths.

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