GF Extremist

When my son was told by his doctor to cut out gluten, sugar and dairy due to some learning issues, I was flooded by what if’s, wherefore and how-am-I-going-to’s. So, what does any mama bear do? She does a little shopping therapy. No, I didn’t buy shoes… this time. I hit the store with my GF GPS. Yes, I was willing to buy, promote, seek out the little golden symbol that was to be my life forever. I did this, mind you, before consulting any of my GF friends. Three stores and $500 later (yes, you read that right), I came out, loaded for cooking, baking, reading, crock-potting, and bread making. I may have even braided my hair and retrieved the denim jumper. I was going to be a GF Queen.

And then. Reality. No amount of summoning the Suzy Homemaker in me prepared me for the backlash of sour faces. First, from the children like I announced the end of the world and there was nothing to eat except for the 30 cans of cannelloni beans in the bunker out back. The second from the knight, who diligently goes off to the big city to make the nitrate free bacon and bring it back so Mama can fry it up in a pan. Let’s admit it folks, GF ain’t cheap! I’m sure there’s a little gnome happily stamping that wonderful little GF Brand laughing some maniacal screech at the fool who just boosted the economy of two counties.

What I will admit in my epic fails is that I was/am willing and able to try any and all things for my son’s benefit. Whether or not being gluten-free is his/our route still remains to be seen. Has it affected his learning? I can’t really tell yet. Has it affected me. How about a resounding applause for 6 pounds gladly swept away.

As a bonus, I am going to add a new tab to my County Road Chronicles blog: GF. I am going to share cookbook reviews, boxed item reviews (there are plenty) and tricks of the trade. If I do this right, someone else who find themselves in my flip flops may not share in the grief process as hard as I did.

That also being said, I’ve had some WONDERFUL support from DEAR friends who have traveled this lovely road. I dare say to a more extreme than I. I have options. These wonderful ladies had none. True do or die. So, if you are reading this today, please understand if you have allergies, celiac, thyroid issues, please: I only play a doctor on TV. There may be throat closing, hormone raging and guttural dilemma that needs to be address by someone with lots of letters behind their given name. THAT’S NOT ME! See your doctor, see a nutritionist, see somebody!

Coming soon to a blog near you:

Gluten_Free 101



4 thoughts on “GF Extremist

  1. It seems the buzz word today for any thing wrong. The problem is unless an actual stomach biopsy was performed you can’t know if you or a loved one are gluten intolerant, or afflicted with celiac’s, and far too many people go on these specialty diets which in fact can do harm if you’re really don’t have celiac’s. I have a family with it, diagnosed long ago before most doctors even knew what it was, so I caution you to be careful. Change one small thing at a time. When you change alot all at once, you don’t know what’s working and what’s not. Best of luck, hope all works out well for you and yours. Good luck with the challenge, out visiting a-z style today, gearing up.

    • Thanks for visiting Sandy. We’re just beginning the narrow it down journey. First set of tests come back this week, then they determine where to go from there.
      I stopped by your blog. I loved the gift from your daughter, the perpetual calendar. A wonderful idea! Good luck in the challenge. Hope to see you around.

  2. I have Celiac and both of my boys have loads of allergies. Going gluten free is tough at the beginning. Your taste buds change over time so you do sort of get used to the other foods. Another thing that can help is eating from “the outside of the store” in the beginning. So you eat fruits, veggies, meats, etc more. I’ve been gluten free for 8 or 9 years now and I can say that there are a lot more products out there and they are a lot better tasting now than they used to be.

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