A is for Allergies

A to Z Challenge

A to Z Challenge

As of today on the FDA website, it declares foods such are “natural flavoring” is an ingredient. That’s how I read it anyway. It’s not helpful for those of us with the strange and bizarre allergies. Mine: cilantro. A.K.A. coriander (it’s seed). Anaphylaxis, throat closing, can’t breathe kind of allergic. Yes, that rules out most Mexican and East Indian Food.

How are spices, natural flavors or artificial flavors declared in ingredient lists?Answer: These may be declared in ingredient lists by using either specific common or usual names or by using the declarations “spices,” “flavor” or “natural flavor,” or “artificial flavor.”“INGREDIENTS: Apple Slices, Water, Cane Syrup, Corn Syrup, Modified Corn Starch, Spices, Salt, Natural Flavor and Artificial Flavor”However, products that are spices or spice blends, flavors or colors must list each ingredient by name. FD&C Act 403(i)(2) and 21 CFR 101.22(h)(1) )  fda.gov

When I decided to blog about Gluten Free for the A to Z Challenge this year, I thought I would address allergies. I’m already a label reader. It goes with the allergy territory. But I have to say, after 6 weeks of being GF, I’m still finding it in strange places, mostly in fine print when a product has been processed in a plant that also processes other items such as wheat, soy, and nuts.

So, for now, until I have become more and more familiar, and because all my GF friends are tired of me texting them, I have self diagnosed with what I call GFLCTS. Gluten Free Label Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. You know the wrist action.

As the cabinet is clearing, I’m finding it hard to find examples in my own house. Besides some of the obvious culprits, here are a few weird places I have found gluten:

Gravy, powdered milk (for baking), spices, soy sauce (off the list anyway), soups, vanilla extracts, Oatmeal Creme pies. GO FIGURE!

Please remember before you comment, this is our journey. Doctor assigned for now. Be kind in your comments. I gladly accept hints, helps and recipes. As I have said before, I am not a doctor. I can not, will not diagnose and/or advise. There are plenty of places for that other than here, such as Celiac.orgGluten.net.


7 thoughts on “A is for Allergies

  1. I know what it’s like to read all the labels, because our family is made of up 3 vegans and 1 vegetarian. I do wish that I could find a list somewhere with the ingredient names in real language.

  2. Very interesting theme. My daughter was GF for several years before she decided it might not really be her problem. I am still using up GF foods that I collected. Will be interesting to see how you work the whole alphabet into this subject. Enjoy the challenge!

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