B for Bagels

BBagels. Who can resist? Just me? Okay. Whatever you have to tell yourself. My favorites: Chocolate Chip. A close second: Cinnamon with crunchiness on the top. Oh, then there’s Everything bagels. Cheddar and jalapeno. Ooooohh and the cream cheese. Honey nut, of course!

Cough, cough. Insert reality. I’m sorry Einstien. I cannot, not even in a box.

HOWEVER! My new best friend might help. You know the one, clobbered with sticky notes (I didn’t say cobbler, that’s another post), already flour stained and dog-eared, go-to manual: Gluten Free 101.

Gluten Free 101 Carol Fenster

Gluten Free 101 Carol Fenster

I will be reviewing Dr. Fenster’s book later in the show, but I have to say, this book has been a life saver. Not only did the author grow up in Nebraska, but is the daughter of a wheat farmer. Now who else would know wheat!


Remember when I said “Read the label”. Well, maybe I didn’t actually tell you to read the label. But, read the label. Today’s recipe required dry milk powder. Ummm… Here’s the label.  Dry Milk ingredients

I found substitutions on the World Wide Distraction Master. I could have used non-GMO dried Goat’s Milk. But, what did I do? I called my poor friend who may now have my cell phone number blocked soon. Either that or she’s going to start charging for her services. (Thanks K, what would I do without you?) Her advice is she doesn’t buy unnecessary ingredients for just one recipe. (She uses a substitute like a nut flour) I have that rule, too. Well, for kitchen utensils. BTW: UPS just came with my brand new veggie spiral maker. Shhh, don’t tell. Squirrel!

I have Dr. Fenster’s basic flour mix already made and in the refrigerator. (Contains almond flour) So, I whip up the mix with the rest of the ingredients.

I used a hand mixer with dough "blades". See comments about extra kitchen devices.

I used a hand mixer with dough “blades”. See comments about extra kitchen devices.

Divide and roll out, punching holes in the middle. Do some other magic, pop them in the oven.

VIOLA!Cooling Bagels

The tall kid who lives in my house taste tested and said “They even tasted like real bagels”.


If you would like the recipe, see Gluten Free 101 by Carol Fenster, Ph.D. I purchased mine at Vitamin Cottage. Many of the recipes I’ve cooked/baked are from this book. Dr. Fenster also has many resources, associations and comparison in the book. Truly a wealth of information.


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