D for Dinner Rolls

DDinner Rolls. What would a big ole’ fat, juicy ham on Easter day be without dinner rolls. What’s your favorite? Around here Hawaiian rolls disappear immediately after opening. Warm, cold. It doesn’t matter.

Well, unless your allergy test comes back and it says, along with being gluten free, you can no longer eat pork and a plethora of other foods. Then, I guess your mom goes to the store and buys gluten free, soy free, taste free chicken hot dogs. BUT, she loves you SO MUCH, she makes home made dinner rolls.

She goes back to the Gluten Free 101 book. Now thankfully, she already has a flour blend already in the fridge. To that she added enough ingredients to make 22 rolls and 2 mini loaves of bread. For Easter… To eat with, ummm, hot dogs.


And just with any other bread, let rise. It’s cold in the house, because, you know, you live in the country. With trees. And no sun. And the cold house. And dinner rolls that are supposed to rise and be smooth. And they don’t rise.


But, when she doubled the bread recipe, she didn’t double the adjustment for the dinner roll part. So now, you can just call them biscuits.

That’s okay. You still love her.

Then they come out of the oven. The DINNER roll aliens who look similarly like biscuits.

SONY DSCThe mini bread loaves… well, they didn’t make it to dinner. Either of them. The taste testers had to try them over and over to make sure they were edible.

They were.


With soy free, gluten free, vegan butter. Whatever that is!


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