E for Eggs

E - A to Z Blog Challenge

E – A to Z Blog Challenge

E is for Eggs

Working “E” into the A to Z challenge was going to be easy. I could have written about Easter because it was a day away. I could have posted pretty pictures of beautiful Easter eggs and the thousand Pinterest boards where people with way more energy than I posts things to make us all look slackers.

I was going to say how many chickens must one own to cook gluten free? Gaggles. No. A group of chickens is called a brood or peep. A group of chicks is called a clutch or chattering. City GIRL! I called a chicken coop a chicken house the other day and one of my country friends just rolled her eyes.

Needless to say, we’ve used a LOT of eggs. So much so, we are considering raising them. One fun thing I have learned while GF’ing is if soy lecithin is on your no-no list (cough, cough), then you can substitute EGGS. The phospholipids, lipoproteins and proteins found in egg yolks are surface active agents that enable the formation of emulsions from immiscible (unmixable) liquids such as oil and water. AKA – mayo and dressings, sauces and breads. (See aeb.org) It’s quite a fun science lesson.

So, yes, I have successfully used eggs as an emulsifier in a few breads. The other option is sunflower seed lecithin. Let me just say, unless you won the lottery, are independently wealthy or you own your own Vitamin Cottage, then CA-CHING! (Currently on Amazon here) (Or here https://www.mysunflowerlecithin.com/product/100-organic-liquid-sunflower-lecithin/) And this GF thing is $$ enough.

We’re rounding out about week six of being GF. The newness has worn off, although the new allergy list is a little daunting. In the weeks to come, as we get used to those limitations, I’ll be disregarding substitutions and just eliminate the need to line up everything we eat to GF. I will start with new eyes, new recipes that just don’t have gluten items. Then I guess the A to Z Blog Challenge will be over and you’ll just have to stay tuned.



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