G is for “Gluten Free 101”

G is for Gluten Free 101

G is for Gluten Free 101

G is for “Gluten Free 101” by Carol Fenster, Ph.D.

The Gateway book for GF sanity. This book is a feast of recipes, helps, hints and resources. If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with some sort of gluten sensitivity, intolerance or allergy this is the book. This is really the GF 101. The heading under the title claims “Easy, Basic Dishes Without Wheat” and it does not disappoint. Reviews inside the book use words like simple, informative and “gluten free goddess”.Gluten_Free 101

This gem of a GF cookbook is in it’s 5th printing to ensure accuracy and completeness. What is amazing about the book is its ease of understanding. No high level medical speak. No haughty attitudes from a culinary professional. I love how the author refers to a gluten-free diet not as restricted or a limited diet, but special, because this way of life isn’t easy and you do go through a grief process.

Not only does this cookbook give plenty of yummy recipes, the author has streamlined the whole baking process by using flour blends, with some substitutions for allergies to some types of flours. There also are appliance recommendations such as mixers (hand or stand), food processors and bread machines. Never cooked in your life? No problem. I doubt readers would need more tips if this were their first GF cookbook, but the author provides links called “Carol’s Tip” to her website.

I’m sure I will begin to memorize the basic flour mix, but until then, the book binding has already been cracked and opens right to page 41. Other than the sticky notes still left in the book marking the recipes I haven’t tried, it’s seen much wear in the six or seven weeks or use. That’s how much I use this book. This and the author’s other books are available at my local library. I don’t suggest you do that. Just invest the money. I promise you will use this book over and over.

And if Ms. Fenster is reading my blog and is around Elizabeth, CO anytime, I would love to hang out and thank her for this treasure.


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