I for Insidious

Insidious.  Gluten. Protein.

I for Insidious

Gluten, gluten, go away,

Why’s it in the food today?

I haven’t been GF before,

It really hurts some to the core.

How long does it take,

before I learn to bake,

the cookies, the cakes and all good stuff?

When will it be easy and off the cuff?

Replacements, substitutions and recommendations,

to get rid of all the inflammation.

To have clear thinking and be rid of brain fog,

cook it all up and write it in a blog.

So many labels to read for cross contamination,

will cause me to reconsider some libation.

Wheat, flour, bread and in some meat,

The checkbook needs some replete.

It’s everywhere! It’s everywhere! Quite insidious,

A pattern I’m find really hideous.

This sonnet, this poem, this lyric must end,

but the GF diet will transcend,

for now, for this week, maybe forever,

to get the boy healthy is my endeavor.

Not a fad diet, doctor directed,

lots of recipes will be collected,

finding new friends I could not have projected,

Who knew our guts would keep us connected.

I appreciate those with us they do travel,

Without you I probably would unravel.


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