L is for lots of things

L is for lots of things.

Label reading is one of the biggest habits a GF’er should absolutely has to do. It’s a learning curve, if practiced, will lessen the let downs about food reactions and laments about spending money on a product which when you get home cannot be eaten.

A to Z Blog Challenge

A to Z Blog Challenge

One thing I have learned, the hard way, is listening to your body. Some substitutions came out of laziness and did not work. Don’t be a lackey, just line up your meal plan with luscious dinners at the beginning of the week and your family will be licking the bowl. Here’s the one I use Menu Plan

If you are feeling sorry for yourself, feeling deprived go to the library an check out some new cookbooks. Or, get a subscription to Living Without Magazine. You don’t have to give up all your liberties. There are all sorts of resources. You don’t need a lecture from me. Just make lemonade out of lemons. Don’t pretend you are drowning because there is a leak in your boat gut.

Little Debbie your best friend and confidant? No problem. Check out “Classic Snacks” by Nicole Hunn.

Feeling a little lethargic. Watch all those new replacements. Potato Starch, corn starch. Starch metabolizes quickly, increasing blood sugar.

Remember, you are GF to improve your life, the lives of your children. Yes, some will say you are looney. Those little lambkins can just kiss your zucchini linguine!


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