P is for Pepperidge Farms Gold Fish


This blog is brought to you in part by my mother, a.k.a.Nanny to most, who loves to bake, who loves to enable the sweet and snack tooth in all of us and whose father also liked to cook for his grandkids. My grandfather made the best, most perfectly circled pancakes on Sunday mornings. Nanny also, relieves me of my kitchen and cooking duties to cook breakfast for the gang on Sunday morning. Eggs and bacon.

The Goldfish recipe in the “Classic Snacks” Gluten Free Cookbook, calls for mixing the dry ingredients and butter with a food processor. I don’t have one of those. I have a blender and a hand mixer. The Nilla Wafer recipe also called for the same tool with same type of ingredients. When I used the blender, the butter stopped up the blades. So, I transferred the dough to a bowl and used the hand mixer. This food blogging might just land me a stand mixer yet. Hint, hint.

Expected output is 70 fish, but I don’t have a goldfish cookie cutter. I used the Pampered Chef Crinkle Cutter, so, they look a little more like the “other” brand and made about 80. There were a few odd shaped crackers, even a Batman appeared. Jesus did not appear. We’ll wait for Rapture.SONY DSC

The first batch of Gold fish finished cooking for the allotted 10 – 12 minutes, then were set on the rack to cool and harden. The author has not met my family. Right out the oven and I’ve got a serious gathering at the oven. Instead of steady staccato of “Are we there yet?”, I have “Are they done yet?” After fighting off the troops and saving a few fish out of the net, I discovered soft fish. The second batch cooked almost 19 minutes before looking “golden” enough. These also did not crisp. However, the last and third batch cooked 20 minutes and golden crispiness was finally achieved. I may just chalk this up to high altitude or maybe roll out the dough a little thinner than ¼ inch.

Overall, these were a big hit. As I type, the school of non-fish Gluten Free Goldfish are dwindling in number. But, regardless of their Gluten Free status, these fish deliver big taste.

Note: Pepperidge Farms has Gluten Free cheesy cracker. I have not tried these.

This recipe brought to you by “Classic Snacks” by Nicole Hunn.


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