Q is for Quickbread

QI’ve learned so much about my personality while blogging through the A to Z Challenge highlighting Gluten Free baking and cooking. I’m not afraid to try a new recipe. Sometimes I fudge a new recipe. I know, sometimes, that I can fudge a recipe. I am willing to laugh at myself when said fudge doesn’t work. I will fore go breakfast so that I can make a new recipe and get it on the blog.

I can’t really isn’t in my vocabulary. Unless it’s “I can’t stop laughing”. So, when I made the Quickbread out of the Gluten Free 101 book this morning, I had to laugh at myself, because I forgot one of the most important tools of this whole process – putting the SD card back in to the camera. Thankfully, this recipe made two loaves of bread and thankfully we didn’t eat all of said bread before realizing my mistake.

If you haven’t already read some of the previous posts about Carol Fenster’s book, hang back a few days and see how Carol uses a flour blend in most of her baking. I had not prepared the blend ahead of time, so, today’s bread was not so quick. In fact, I had just finished shopping for my favorite flours this weekend, bought some more nice containers and was putting them away this morning.

So, with the blend in the bowl, a few more dry and a few wet ingredients, this was together in no time. No yeast. No waiting. Pop it in the oven and do the dishes kind of recipe. Cook for 25 – 30 minutes. I’ve mentioned before I’ve had to adjust timing on most of my recipes this week. I may have to check the temperature and take note from now on. The bread was perfect at 30 minutes. Golden brown on top, warm and soft in the middle.SONY DSC

My taste test team had not started school yet, so I recruited them. This turned out to be sweeter than I expected. Not bad, just sweet. The author suggests adding fruit, nuts or something to your taste. That would be a great idea. This could easily be a coffee cake with cinnamon and a streusel on top, or even a chocolate chip cake. Or just served plain with a flavored cream cheese. Honey Nut or maple comes to mind. This bread/cake will be on my list of regulars. YUM!


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