R is for Risotto

RWe interrupt this regularly scheduled (cooking/baking) program to bring some important news. Superwoman (Tracy) has been exposed to detrimental kryptonite (kids schedules).  (I guess that was Superman) She was forced to put easy meals on the planner. Tacos, meatball sandwiches, meatloaf and salads abound. All gluten free ere she have some other form of kryptonite.

Out of all the quick and easy GF things she has found to help with those type of weeks, though, this little gem has saved the day (the meal). Butternut squash risotto

She has cooked one box, even two. No leftovers. Would she call it a vegetable, probably not. But hey!

Her favorite part: NO MSG. (another kyrptonite to her and the allergy boy). Eco farmed, yeah!  No out of this world ingredients like “natural flavors”. Contains milk (sorry my Casein Free friends).

Available at Safeway, but not big Wally (Walmart – at least not the one out in the country).

Your superhero has not been paid for this glowing endorsement.

Besides, wasn’t Wonderwoman’s “kryptonite”  bondage. (Weird, look it up. Comics! )

This author’s bondage was brought to you by the overuse of parenthesis and bondage to the schedule.


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