Spring Season

It’s been a month since the County Road Chronicles has been up and buzzing. I think I wore out my writing, my oven and most people’s patience by linking my Facebook to my A to Z Blog Challenge with my Gluten Free April.

This is the time of year most folks are passing each other in the night due to graduations, celebrations, finishing up school, and for us homeschoolers, gathering up this years curriculum and determining either to skip to the end or forge ahead. It’s the time of the year where we evaluate, re-evaluate and grade and organize. Seasons for everything.

To everything there is a season,
A time for every purpose under heaven:

A time to plant (ideas)
And a time to pluck what is planted (wrongly spelled words);

A time to kill (not killing time),
And a time to heal (broken words spoken in haste);
A time to break down (the bad character traits),
And a time to build up (the good ones);

A time to weep (over lost time spent in curriculum instead of with relationships),
And a time to laugh (because it’s good therapy);
A time to mourn (over how few days you have left with them),
And a time to dance (for the ones we’ve had);
A time to cast away stones (because we don’t need any more science experiments this year),
And a time to gather stones (to build an alter to honor another year);

A time to embrace (because they hurt and need you),
And a time to refrain from embracing (well, I can’t really think of one!);

A time to gain (wisdom from what went right),
And a time to lose (the guilt from what did not);

A time to keep (their best work),
And a time to throw away (all the other that weighs you down);
A time to tear (up other’s expectations),
And a time to sew (into the tapestry that is their own individual education);

A time to keep silence (when in anger),
And a time to speak (when in correction);
A time to love (your little flock around you),
And a time to hate (the action, not the people who endanger your little birds);
A time of war (to give them the very best during stress, lack of sleep and money),
And a time of peace (when at the end of the day they are happy and healthy and at homey).


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