Writing Tips

As a writer of blogs and smart-alek material, I decided some time back to try to stick to a blogging schedule. For personalities like mine, I work well with deadlines and prompts. My schizophrenic personality of being creative and and little OCD gets in the way of total free writing. What I have done to combat the vacillating, I’ve used tools (free ones) at my disposal and my husband’s help. Here a few that work for me. Keep in mind I’m running a Linux Mint on a Toshiba laptop. Your tools may be different. But mine are free…


I believe being an ex government employee ruined me forever. The constant use of portable and bright sticky notes everywhere in my office was a necessity. Changing plans, changing offices, changing bosses often left little time for major settling in. Sticky notes became a way of life. In the same way, I use sticky notes on my laptop. The linux version: xpad. I can list my blogging schedule and stick to it or not. When I login, my sticky note is there. It doesn’t go away unless I tell it to.


My Blog Writing Schedule (in a perfect world)

I also use xpad for my fun word list. While I’m reading and come across a fun, interesting or weird word I want to use later, I write it on my FUN WORDS TO USE LATER sticky note. I am enamored with authors who use words in new ways that make you cock your head and think twice about its use. I have Dictionary.com in my tabs permanently in case the word is really unique.snapshot4

Some words or phrases that have made the list:


mental evacuation






What are some of your favorite words to use later? Favorite applications or computer helps? Please share. I’ll be updating my beta testing of Scrivner on Linux soon. Stay tuned.


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