Let Them Eat Cake… Pizza Cake

I think everyone knows I’m a Hallmark Channel junkie. Besides the Christmas movie marathons, I’ve converted to Home & Family show from all the silly stupid morning news shows network and cable. Today they made a pizza cake.

Yes, you heard that right. Pizza. Cake.

A three layer goodness of pizza.

cdn.crownmediadev.comIsn’t that pretty.

But we’re gluten free. I know, there she goes again. GF, blah, blah this, GF recipe, blah, blah. But seriously, I’ve run out of new ideas.

Well, thanks to Home & Family and thanks to Hodgson’s Mill Pizza Dough, I thought I would try this yummy looking goodness. Now, if you follow me, you know, I’ll try anything once… Then wreck it… Then make it my own…

You know that I try not to fudge the ingredients the first time. Well, I should have listened to my own rules and advice. I should have tried the pizza dough on ACTUAL pizza. First. Sticky. First. GF Pizza Cake 1

Once the gelatinous goo, I mean pizza dough was mixed and had risen, I slung it lay it in the spring form pan. (The knight asked what the pan was and if I bought a pan today just for this recipe. Too funny. Not THIS time) Layered the sauce, the cheese, the  no antiobiotic/no nitrate/uncured/humanely raised/gluten & casein free turkey pepperoni (because he’s that kid). And another layer. And another layer. GF Pizza Cake 2

Smells brought forth the tall kid who lives in the basement UP from the basement.

GF Pizza Cake 3I’m not sure my layers looked like the picture on the show. I wasn’t really sure how we were going to cut a three layer Pizza Cake.

GF Pizza Cake 5How did GF boy like his pizza? Picked off the bread and ate the cheese and pepperoni. GF pepperoni. GF pizza dough. That’ll show me! I thought it was good. There were no leftovers. Everyone was full. I think that works.

No actual turkey was harmed in the publishing of this recipe. Someone else did that.

No antiobiotic/no nitrate/uncured/humanely raised/gluten & casein free turkey pepperoni  brought to you by Vitamin Cottage.

Hodgson’s Mill Pizza Dough brought to you by the local Walmart.

Lettuce by bag.

Marie Antoinette was hereby NOT summoned for this recipe.

For recipe details, not my own, check Home & Family.


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