Fall Is In The Air

After the floods, Tracy sent out a dove to check the weather. The summer didn’t start until the middle of July. After the rain faucet turned off, then the heat set in. Then school time was upon us, which means fall… which means soups and crock pots and cookies and high school football games. It means the inaugural Pumpkin Pie Latte at my favorite local coffee shop. When that happens, it’s officially FALL!

AH! FALL! When Pinterest and Facebook and grocery store magazines explodes with orange and brown and yellow goodness. Recipe, crafts, decor OH MY! 101 ways to make a pumpkin from crap stuff around your house.

What speaks FALL loud and clear? Snicker Doodles. Pumpkin Creams Cheese Snicker Doodles because any perfect food can be made better with PUMPKIN (and cream cheese). When some goddess posted the Pumpkin Cream Cheese Snicker Doodle recipe on Facebook, I was all in. IN LOVE! I went back to my Gluten Free go-to gal from Gluten Free On a Shoestring and found her Snickerdoodle recipe, printed both and the science experiment began. See recipe here: http://glutenfreeonashoestring.com/snickerdoodles/

It seemed, also, these Snicker Doodles were doomed from the start seeing that the real recipe wasn’t GF. No problem, I’ll try anything once. I started the Better Batter flour mix from Nicole’s books and website, when I realized I only had enough for half the cookie recipe. Off to the store I went, where the ingredients for the blend were also missing. That’s okay! I grabbed a bag of Bob’s All Purpose, headed home, where I also discovered the recipe (from Facebook) recommends chilling one hour or overnight. I was making these for the boy who had a horrible week at school and was now getting sick. I’m not sure who was more disappointed: the boy or the mother.20150905_103956

It was a fitting morning with temps in the low 60’s to start FALL cookies. The other girls in the house had already scooted out the door for their own FALL card making class. The Knight and the Tall Kid were on a manhunt for wood to finish the tree house this weekend. I had the sick boy home with me… who had a fever… who can’t touch the food… because he had a fever…

This ninja mama recommends a sous chef, otherwise, said chef may need to some fancy, schmancy acrobatics moves to roll, flatten and fill the cookies in one hand.

I may have licked my fingers in between cookie rolling.

I may have licked my fingers in between cookie rolling.

(Note to chefs: I sprayed my hands with oil to help with the stickiness, however, I ended up just pouring some oil into a cup and just dipping my hands in that. This dough is VERY STICKY!) For those with sensory integration issues, DON’T make these. For those who don’t like orange wedding rings, put those away, too.

Both recipes recommend lining pans with parchment paper, so, I did (even in the baking stone). Even after a trip to the grocery store for flour, I did not have all the required ingredients. No ground ginger. My FALL stock-up trip hasn’t happened yet. Instead, I cut the allspice for the coating and used pumpkin pie spice. Maybe our altitude in Colorful Colorado or weather or something I have no idea about, caused my Snicker Doodles to cook slower. Or it was just the sheer size of these mammoth cookies, I left these babies in the oven for 18 minutes unlike both recommended recipes suggesting from 10 to 12 minutes.20150905_105746

The Knight came home, sampled half a cookie, and stuck his foot in the other half of his mouth when he said “I wasn’t expecting them to be so good”.

My response, “You may grovel now!”20150905_113611




Don’t forget to stop by Nicole Hunn’s Gluten Free website: http://glutenfreeonashoestring.com/

Now that I go back to add the link, the original poster, chef extraordinaire’s cookies weren’t as mammoth as my own. Adjust accordingly. http://www.bakeaholicmama.com/2012/10/cream-cheese-filled-pumpkin.html

In the meantime, the card making girls came home.



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