Fall in the Air Part II

Fall is in full swing. The calendar part that is. The weather? Not so much. It’s now the end of October in Colorful Colorado and there hasn’t been a sign of a snowflake  on the Eastern plains. The fluffy stuff arrived last year mid September. Just a dusting really, but it counts when your family has a yearly “First Snow” contest. Dinner of choice is at stake.

Fall’s unfortunate tendency, though, is the business of said calendar: school, sports, programs, etc.

For me it’s the Fall Teen Writing Conference. Planning, marketing, scheming. Fall is also an invitation to bake. This fall has it’s challenges: our new Gluten Free lifestyle. Initially, GF was scary. With the help of friends (the ones in the area, the ones who’ve written GF cookbooks, and my BFF: Pinterest), I’ve pulled off some wonderful delicacies. Including this little gem from the Smashed Peas and Carrots website.

GF Pumpkin Donut Muffins

Check your GF flour. I used Deby’s which already has xanthum gum. Omit accordingly. 20151026_112453

This recipe was inspired by a Facebook post of pumpkin muffins made in a beautiful Fall leaf pan. I HAD to have it. Ordered it! Came ALL the way from Canada. Imagine that. Canada. Leaf. Hmmm.

This is a deep muffin pan, so I was a little concerned about baking times. GF is infamous for weird cooking times. (maybe it’s my oven) Hint: gently tap the pan so ensure the batter fills the pan. Don’t overfill. 9 – 12 minutes wasn’t  quite enough time either for the thickness. Not being a formally trained chef, I left out one ingredient: salt. It didn’t matter.

20151026_115824 20151026_115902

For all the sugar, that went into the batter, these were not overly sweet. What beautiful muffins though!


What is your favorite part of Fall? Sweatshirts? Colors? PUMPKIN?!?!?!?


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