30 Day Challenge – Day One The Person You Love Most.

My friend Niki Nowell embarks on these challenges to encourage friends, to embrace creativity, practice consistency, try new stuff, do hard things, and improve  lives, or at the very least, see the beauty in them. Last year she had a 47 Day Photo Challenge. This year is the 30 Day People Challenge.

This also coincides with #NaNoWriMo. So, I’m considering this a great reminder to write about people I love. Walk away from NaNo every once in a while, so I don’t go insane. Most importantly, to get the words flowing, honor those I love and being thankful for those I’m writing about.


My Knight. That’s what I call him. The man. The husband. The friend. The person who accepts all the flaws, the freckles, the faux paus.

The most like my relationship with God. The one who loves me. The one who knows all my stuff. The one who forgives me. The one who still loves me.

In every season and change of hair color, profession and calling he doesn’t doubt me. The one who tells me he’s proud. The one who holds me when I fail. The one I cry to when others disappoint and fail.

The one who is an avid sci/fi reader. The one who is an extreme introvert. The one who is a big thinker. The one who is future thoughtful.

The one who says he was waiting for me all those years. The one I can say stupid stuff to and knows I think and process aloud.

The one who holds my hand in public on the non-purse-shoulder side. The one who still opens the door (car, shopping or otherwise). The one who lays on my side of the bed to warm it up before I get in.

The one who loved my girls. The one who didn’t get much credit for loving them so. The one who forgave them so much. The one who taught me unconditional love was real.

The man. The husband. THE ONE!


Niki at nikinowell.wordpress.com

Don at donhillson.wordpress.com

Beckie at free2b2much.blogspot.com


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