30 Day People Challenge- Day 2: Someone Who Makes You Laugh

There’s guttural, belly splitting laughter of toddlers that is contagious. There’s held back, half snorts when you are mad and don’t really want to laugh because you’re angry.


There’s sitting in a children’s movie, only the adults get the jokes laughter.

There’s “you are the only one in the room laughing” laughter. Crippling staunchness, closed of personality and just sadness. Are the walls up? Isn’t laughter a letting go? There’s a reason they say “laughter is good medicine”. Whoever “they” are. Old wives’ tales are told by… old wives.

Laughter is scientifically a flight or fight response. Sometimes we actually laugh when we didn’t know what to do. It’s filling in the blank, the unknown. The brain is a funny thing.

I venture to say, for me, irony is my favorite laughter. A complete reversal of expectations. It’s definitely subjective. Everyday life can be ironic.

I love when preteens start to get irony. The light bulb goes off, you can see it in their eyes, in their face. And then, laughter!

Instead of writing about someone who makes me laugh, I say, laughter makes me laugh.


Niki at nikinowell.wordpress.com

Don at donhillson.wordpress.com

Beckie at free2b2much.blogspot.com


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