30 Day People Challenge – Day 3 – Your Mom

Mom, AKA Nanny.

Southern Bell. 18 years collective Colorado living but still has a southern accent. Don’t underestimate her quietness. There are storms that brew.

She’s at the age now (I’m not telling just what age) where she blurts out these things in the middle of conversations, all relative mind you, that I’ve never heard. The things that you don’t speak about. They are quite surprising and funny sometimes. I don’t know if they were family secrets or just secrets from the kids. Who knows?

After working a Walmart for so many years, she calls the Customer Service Desk her sandbox. She’s one tough cookie there. People cuss her out, tell her she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. The one thing they should know is she does know what she’s talking about. She’s a rule follower. And if you have a problem with policy, you’re probably wrong. BTW: be nice to the Customer Service people. They are mothers and grandmothers and sisters and friends. They have feelings. Yes, as a matter of fact, they do work at Walmart. They probably stayed home with their kids all their life and didn’t get a college degree.

Public Service Announcement: If you buy a tent to use for vacation, a DVD player for your car to play while one vacation, and then return it because you are done with it, you were RENTING it. They know. You’re cheap! If you had to do this while on vacation, maybe you shouldn’t go on vacation.

Public Service Announcement #2: If you buy food and bring it back because YOU bought too much, if you bought food and decided you don’t want it anymore YOU should be more careful. YOU should also know that if food goes to YOUR house, it can’t be put back on the shelf to go to someone else’s house. It does get thrown away. Because…. GROSS…. Perfectly good food needs to be given to your neighbor, a single mom, a food pantry. Stop overbuying and STOP blaming the WALMART LADY!


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