Day 5: A Family Member Besides Your Parents

My immediate family, I mean really immediate, my kids, my husband, my mom, is all that lives here in Colorado. I have some cousins I keep up with on Facebook. (one of the perks of Facebook besides being a weapon of mass distraction)

I have to talk about my sister-in-law, Faith, though.1146642_1377847385775409_662408016_n

One member of my husband’s family who actually knows me. She actually likes me, too. That part is amazing. The first time we met was at my wedding. No stress there. She graciously agreed to sing the song “I Will Be There”. I still have the cassette tape.

It was cold that day. -5. You might say God took me to task when I said I would never get married again, it would be a cold day in hell. I think the knight’s family might have thought so, too, since we were thirty when we were married. Him, the first time. (He still stays he was just waiting for me all that time) (Yes, he’s a keeper)

I would soon find out Faith and I speak the same language: sarcasm. She tells the truth, wrapped in quick wit. She knows how to cut thru all the crap. She has a great sense of humor and timing.

Faith is a strong woman. She is a smart woman. She’s raised two beautiful, smart women. If you start a conversation you better do so without hesitation, without uncertainty. She’s a WISE one!

She loves her family. She truly knows the pulse of the family. She’s the sister I didn’t know I wanted and needed. Family.

The miles are the only thing I don’t like. 900 of them. However, resistance is futile. Us: the cold. Her: the desert. We do talk make fun of her for putting on a parka when it 60 degrees. But, the distance goes unheeded when we pick up the phone and not miss a beat.

I love you, Faith.

(I hope you’ll forgive me for not asking permission) (Thank you Tim, I stole your Facebook pic)


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