Day 7: Best friend from childhood/high school/college

I committed to a “first time around in college” story in the other blog.

College. 90 days after I graduated from high school. 89 days from my wedding day. 30 days after a miscarriage. Day 1 of learning how to play the piano. Day 1 of driving every day to a town I didn’t know. Day 1 of being a music major at West Georgia College. 570_College_Street_Reuters

Isn’t ironic to be Back to the Future, thinking, talking, blogging about college. I was pregnant, again, by the end of my first semester. I quit. Promised my mom I would go back some day. No Friday Night football games for me anymore. The Mad woman had a Thunderdome growing inside of her. Yes, a 9lb, 8oz Goonie. After having her, there was no Starbucks to meet the Breakfast Club for coffee, at least not in Tallapoosa, GA, not back then.

Let’s just say, as much as I wanted this cute little bundle, I had no Clue I was about to Witness this PeeWee’s Big Adventure as she came kicking and screaming from this mama’s Cacoon.

I’ve learned now from reading a lot of Weird Science, this girl was going to be a Lifeforce to be reckoned with. I had Vision Quests of a Private Resort. I probably would have spent Brewster’s Millions to get her to go to sleep. A Quiet Earth is all I longed for. Into the Night she went Howling. I spent that first year on the Jagged Edge.

So, the Adventure Begins. Heaven Help Us, this Creature had No End.

Who, pray tell, do I tell you my best friend in college was? Smooth Talk to make some Sweet Dreams and A Code of Silence for the finally sleeping baby. Sleep was my 1985 best friend.

P.S. Never saw any of the movies. Quotes from the 80’s don’t phase me. I was asleep and raising babies.


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