Day 9: Someone You Had A Crush On Once Upon A Time

Day 9: Someone you had a crush on once upon a time.

This one is easy. Band. Seventh through ninth grade. Any author could write the story: girl has crush, boy has no clue, girl does everything she can to get noticed, boy still has no clue.

The “Once Upon A Time” started out very Cinderella-ish. Scrawny, buck-teethed, stringy haired girl is in Junior High School Band and notices the reticent long haired drummer boy who love the band Rush.

Dropped hints, batting eyes, well maybe not quite batting, but the serious eye. Nothing.emmett kelly jr

Our band played “Send In The Clowns” sometime in my tenure at Arvada Jr. High. You know how silly a girl’s crush can be? Well, I bought a ceramic clown that played the drums. That clown was the first of the clown collecting over the years. Then, my parents did the unimaginable. The best gift ever. They bought a ceramic Christmas Emmett Kelly Jr. music box.

I met Emmett Kelly Jr. in 1994. He was in Denver for the circus. I actually got him to sign my Emmett Kelly Jr. calendar and my Emmett Kelly Jr. checks. It was pretty funny. He looked at my checkbook and in his character, pointed to the check, nodded his head no, voided my check, then autographed it across the whole check. I still have that check.

I was never able to get drummer boy to recognize me during Jr. High. I did come back for a band concert of friends that were younger than I. No braces. A little taller. A little curvier. Dyed blond, non-stringy hair. Guess who was there? You guessed it. Cinderella played cool rude. I acknowledged him… barely… as far as he knew. My heart was certainly tap, tap, tapping for the drummer.

A quiet drummer. A quiet clown.

A not so quiet flute player turned out to be quite a clown.


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2 thoughts on “Day 9: Someone You Had A Crush On Once Upon A Time

  1. My crush was a boy named James. He had a Kurt Cobain demeanor and was totally oblivious to my existence. Middle School is hard, and thankfully things worked they way they did. It’s always nice to look back and be able to say that!

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