Day 11: Someone You Admire

As a member of American Christian Fiction Writer’s (ACFW) I meet many authors: pre-published, self-published, famous and not. I could name drop. I won’t. What I can do is tell you these, the writers, the bloody fingered, the one whose lives are spread across the pages, I admire.

Many authors I’ve met over the years are total introverts. They are happy with their chai, their bunny slippers and a book, a typewriter or in some cases a chicken (you could ask me, but I don’t cluck and tell). They are geeks, they are well read, they are shy. They have many words for the page, maybe not for the face-to-face. Story tellers. Word smiths. Deep thinkers. Plotters and Pantzers.

In it for the money? NO! In for the telling. In it for the release of characters. The voices that play and argue in their head.

Competent. Measuring success in word count, characterization and tears. Showing, not telling. Mystery, Romance or Contemporary. Whatever your poison.



Cuneiform turned story.

Hieroglyph turned symbolism.

Turning wounds to healing.

Shrewdly soliciting provocative desires and fears from the hidden places.



Expressive, literary gymnastics.

Illuminating “as if”, “what if”, “could have”, “would have”.

For those seeking solace, chinking for fragmented lives – writers.

Making visible.

Connecting emotions.



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