Day 15: The President of the United States

POTUS, because we live a world, in a time of acronyms and little time to pronounce and type words in their entirety. FLOTUS, because we need matching husband and wife shirts and acronyms. Each has their code name also. Currently we have the Renegade and Renaissance. Who comes up with this stuff?

The Kennedy’s were Lark and Lace. Was JFK named after a bird with an unusually long, straight hind claw? Or, did the normally unambiguous naming convention just become the role of its other oft used definition to have fun; frolic; romp, to behave mischievously; play pranks. Chicken or the egg? Other sources showed Lancer. Which is reflective of the Kennedy Lancelot/Camelot signature befitting of his family legacy.

Ronald Reagan was Rawhide. Moniker apropos.

I hear all the Republican candidates have their code names already. I sometimes wonder if any of the names like Duplicity, Pendulum or Oedipus are ever used in jest.

Secret Service names. The creation and generation process, is it as secret anymore? Who knows? In a world where the internet is our encyclopedia, Google is the professor and secrets are just a URL away.

If I were President, sitting in the oval office, surrounded by men in black suits and RayBans, I would choose something that fits me or something that sounds funny on the earpiece.

Practicality is in route to D.C”

Truth is on its way to the nest”

Reality has left the building”

Common Sense is entering the Capital Building”

Resistance has vetoed the last bill in Congress”

There would be a serious side, too.

Compassion has declared a state of emergency”

Intellect has met at the summit”


What would your codename be if you were President?



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