Working on Words and Youth​ goals, blogs and conferences today. FUN! Giving my own goals more thought also since I’ve been challenged by friends like Renee C Small​ and Robbie Iobst​ posting their goals for 2016.


God and I have been “discussing” said goals. I don’t set resolutions. I never accomplish, know how to NOT set them too high or clear enough.

WORDS! That is  my “word” for the 2016 year. Oh, most of you will think that’s funny. I have a lot of them. Some want me to stop shedding, spreading them. I took a vow three months ago. Silence. Yes, you all are still laughing. What I came away with after three months of thinking, praying, processing is that I have WORDS. Whether you like them or not is now in 2015.

I have WORDS.

This extrovert was built an extrovert. I have gifts. I speak truth. Sometimes not in love. I have WORDS.

I’ve had plenty in 2015, as I said. Those are gone, not to be spoken of again. Or so I’ve been told. Lesson learned: WORDS can divide, WORDS can heal, WORDS can kill, WORDS can destroy. WORDS of truth can be spoken by many, for many.

WORDS have potential. WORDS can explain. WORDS can defend. WORDS can be defensive or offensive. WORDS can be active or reactive. WORDS can be composed in elegance and style. Or NOT!

WORDS spoken to silence others are not words. Those are death. Ruination. Obit. 3a55e47

WORDS illuminate.

What will you illuminate in 2016?


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