Passport to 2016

Do you have a passport? I don’t. I’ve never been outside the contiguous States other than Puerto Rico. I’m not a world traveler, but I love traveling to other lands, other worlds, worlds not my own while reading. Passport

When I’m traveling in a book, I don’t have to worry  about which outfits to pack in my suitcase. I’m more worried about wearing my favorite flannels and fuzzy slipper socks in front of the fire.

When I’m traveling in a book, I can visit prairies and castles, big cities and back woods. I can speed down a highway and I can walk a damp, oak lined drive.

As an author, I can walk other paths. I can walk the halls of psychiatric wards or high altitude trails. I can paint picture of hatred or intimacy. I can fill in the blanks with gory details or I can menace with the unknown creating mystery and curiosity. I can leave a reader suspended between what is real in the story and their own past creeping in to compare.

Where will my WORDS travel in 2016? Where will your WORDS travel in 2016? Share your journey with me in the comments.



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