Words 2016: Begin, Be Bold, and Venture to be Wise


Many writing classes begin with “engage your reader”. Tone. Danger. Action. Surprise. Unexpected. Readers are looking for transportation. Not planes, trains and automobiles, but hope, laughter, mystery.

There’s craft. Then there’s story. We all have a story. We’re all character’s in a bigger novel. The selfless hero. The Prince Charming. The Geek who saves the day. No, usually it’s the worn out mom, the under-appreciated employee, the Walmart greeter. The beauty? There’s simplicity to discover here. An object. An imagination.

A quilter need start with a yard of fabric to exquisite a work of art and beauty. It is more, though, in one hundred years. It’s a memory. A fabric of time long forgotten. A tapestry of a lineage to be told over and over. A scrap of denim. An old tie. A wedding lace.

A chef, a protein and a drawer full of spices. Add heat. A fusion of savory finesse.

A fiction story narrated by non-fiction life.




A normal person with a voice. Word arrangement. A passion to tell. Do you have an object of simplicity to write about? A skipping stone. A polaroid picture. Some artifice. Maybe it’s a person. Crazy Aunt Sally in a potato sack dress and apron. A mechanic holding inexplicable engine part. A clean shaven hitchhiker in the desert.

They have a story.

“Begin, be bold, and venture to be wise.”
― Horace



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