POV is something an author does really well… or doesn’t. Does the author stick to one POV or head hop? Do your favorite authors change chapters with character changes, add a chapter graphic dividefrom_my_point_of_view_king_681795r or just jump characters? My preference while reading is the chapter change.

For the slow reader, for the beach reader, for the cozy mystery reader, they don’t want to have to flip back a page to figure out who is talking, who is thinking.

This brought up a fun discussion in the car with my WriterGirl, my 12-year-old who will probably be published before I am. We’re talking POV (Point of View). We’re discussing first and third mostly. What is omniscient? We’ve discussed in the past how, yes, I know I’m going to get hate mail, that I’m NOT a fan of “The Hobbit”. Hobbits, head hopping throughout the book. I know it’s a classic. I know right now the Hobbit and its Rings characters are the thing now. Preference.

We were discussing how each of the voices is helpful to obtain information about the character, the scene and possible foreshadowing details. The discussion ensues into:

Well, if you don’t get the voice right then the reader will throw the book across the floor and talk up the author’s inability to write. If the author doesn’t get the voice right, the reader may lose their religion (and let loose a few sailor words) and talk back to the book. If the plot doesn’t pull the reader along because the characterization is horrible the book goes back to the library or to the Goodwill or the forbidden place: the trash. And then the author’s well intention, published, life force, blood, sweat and tears gets a bad review and then the author is forced to work at the corner 7-11 and burn his books for firewood because he can’t feed his family.

Crickets… from the backseat of the car.

Me: Oh, I guess I better make sure I get my point of view correct while writing my book.

Kids: (awkward giggle)



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