A to Z Blog Challenge Reveal

atoz-theme-reveal-2016 v2

Well, I’m two days late and a few more dollars behind, also, for the big theme reveal.




Last year I journaled and journeyed through our Gluten Free transition. I checked out cookbooks from the library, annoyed friends and spent hours pouring over ingredients lists on labels. Now, our family is just outside of a year of being recipe testing, guinea pigs. I can even look at a recipe now and adjust according to our tastes. I wouldn’t have survived without internet friends and a family that tolerated a few less than tasteful concoctions. I also would like to give kudos to Nicole over at GlutenFreeOnAShoestring. She is a wonderful chef and extraordinary kitchen scientist.

As my journey continues to being a healthier me, I knew there was more to my health issues than gluten. April’s Challenge will be  my literal roller coaster ride into understanding Adrenal Dysfunction. As I unveil my struggles with chronic symptoms, remember, this is my journey. Adrenal Dysfunction manifests itself physically and psychologically different in each individual. If you are struggling with unexplained symptoms, see your doctor. See a nutritionist. If you just don’t recognized yourself, seek help. I pray my journey will help you in your journey.




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