B is for Plan B

When A is for Adrenal Fatigue, most of the time B is for Plan B.B

Plan B. A Noachian new beginning. After the flood … of tears.

Plan B. Because I thought I could just go get the problem fixed.

No Plan B. No inoculation. No Band-Aid. No surgery.

Not even direct medical advice. Plan B means a eulogy to old thoughts, over thoughts. Half baked. Resonating. Meditating. Over thoughts.

Plan B sometimes means just doing things differently. The grammar word most used can be, needs to be and will have to be: NO. No, because you need a nap. No, because you are so tired your brain doesn’t rest from the what-if.

So, what is this beast, Adrenal? A monster that overacts. A monster that under-acts. Crucial, necessary evil. Adrenal glands are responsible for many functions, including controlling the body’s fight-or-flight responses, hormones, and control parts of human development. Additional hormones from the adrenal glands function in metabolism, blood pressure regulation, and many other normal functions in several different organ systems. In other words, it affects A LOT!

What makes this versatile gland go haywire? Crisis. Stress. Lack of sleep. Chronic infections. This gland gives us extra surges of getty-up-and-go! After many withdrawals from this bank of energy, the depository is bankrupt. Kaput!



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