On The Road, Part 2

Compacted dirt. Loose dirt. On the road.The country road.

What would a road trip be without a rest stop? A drink. A relief. A stretch.

index Sometimes there’s a sign. Sometimes you may have even paid attention to how far to the next rest area. 2 miles ahead. 100 miles.

Then there are other times when God says “Nope!” “Right here, right NOW!”

And you stop. Because HE said so.

Anything different would just be… well.. stupid.


This road, my road, has hit an ordered rest stop. I have journeyed far… on the road. Sometimes the road is bumpy. Others not.

Rest doesn’t mean stop. It means refreshing, reprieve, replenishing. Active verbs. In rest. On the road.

Rest your feet. Rest your soul. Rest from your burdens. Rest in Him… on the road.


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